Lesson Planning Apps

This page is dedicated to reviewing lesson planning apps for iPhone, iTouch and iPad. Lesson Planning is one of the most important jobs for teachers.

Go here to find; lesson planning apps for mac and lesson planning apps for android.

TeacherPlan Is The Lesson Planning App For 2013!

The best lesson planning app ever just got better. Version 2 of TeacherPlan for iPhone and iPad is now available. Save yourself lesson planning time during 2012.

Lesson Planning Websites

There are loads of good websites for lesson planning, some of our favourites are:

TESThe GuardianTeachers Network , Lesson Planet, TeachersNet

These ones are great for ESL lesson plans:

ESL CafeESL FlowBritish Council.

These are well and good but there are times when we want to lesson plan using an App. Where are all of the lesson planning Apps?? The iTunes store has an education section and even an iPhone educational section, but there is very little on lesson planning apps. There is a huge list of iTunes educational Apps, far too many to look through. There is even an Apps For Teachers section on the iTunes store but none on lesson planning apps :-( . We want all of the latest and greatest lesson planning tools, we want to be empowered in our lesson planning. We want it to be easier to plan our teaching and we want lesson planning apps that will enable us to make our lessons amazing, so here is a brand new list of lesson planning apps for educators everywhere. Whether you want cheap, free or quality lesson planning apps they are all listed here:

I have gone to every effort to make sure the details (prices and functionality) are correct at the time of publishing. If you spot anything that isn’t right, let me know so I can put it right.

The Essential Qualities Of A Good Lesson Planning App

Before spending time downloading lesson planning apps think carefully about what you want you lesson planning app to do (and not to do). Here is a guide of qualities you might want to consider looking for:

  • No sign up, no subscription, no login required.
  • No internet connection needed.
  • No additional In App Purchases required or even offered.
  • Intuitive and quick to use.
  • Only one compulsory field to fill in – the lesson Topic. All other fields are filled out automatically and are optional to use.
  • Reliable app which isn’t going to crash.
  • Works on iPhone 5, iPhone and iPad, so if you upgrade or get a new device you’re not going to need to search for a new app.
  • Use dictation to easily enter what you’ll do (and save you from having to type).
  • Has a variety of options for what you can do with your completed plan; save to calendar, save to email drafts, send email or export to another app such as Pages.
  • A proven Developer that has been around for at least 1 year and committed to regular enhancements.
  • Hundreds of creative teaching ideas to select from, that are customised with your lesson topic.
TeacherPlan is the only lesson planning app to be built based the essential qualities of a good lesson planning app.

Universal Lesson Planning Apps (for both iPad and iPhone)

Common Core Standards, by MasteryConnect Free, Universal App

This is particularly useful for US teachers as it provides a database of all of the standards that you might use in your lesson.

ArchLessonPlan by Archarina  Free, Universal App

This is some kind of online web portal for sharing lessons. We don’t understand how it works.

Onestopenglish by OnestopEnglish  Free, Universal App

This is from the subscription English teachers website. You have the option of buying a subscription but the app has some great lesson ideas for EFL teachers and it’s free.

 Fun 5 Plans by LeadYourSchool  $1.99 Universal App

We don’t understand the point of this app. It’s just a lesson template.

 iPlan Lessons by iHomeducator  $6.99 Universal App

Has lots of different options for you to click on and select lesson plans with. Lessons can be emailed or saved to iCal.

iTeacherBook by iTeacherbook  $4.99 Universal App

A lesson planning app that allows you to schedule a timetable and schedule work for students.

"Teacher Plan","Lesson Planning"

TeacherPlan by GreenBambooShoots  $13.99 Universal App

Packed with hundreds of ideas, this is arguably the best lesson planning app.

TeacherPlan Lite by GreenBambooShoots  $3.99, Universal App

Containing a hand full of lesson ideas TeacherPlan Lite gives you a taster of what planning with TeacherPlan is like.

iPhone & iTouch Only Lesson Planning Apps

iLessonPlanner by iLessonPlanner  Free, iPhone, iTouch

We actually really like the ideas in this. They are split into different parts of the lesson (Starter,Main and Plenary) and each has about 20 ideas. The lesson ideas can be quite specific to particular subjects but they often have examples. Your lesson plans are stored in the app (so don’t forget your phone). Recently updated, you can now purchase additional lesson ideas from within the app.

Plan Friday Reader by AlienOgre  Free, iPhone, iTouch

This is part of suit of apps that let you create and read your lesson plans on your Mac, iPad and iPhone. This one is just for reading your plans.

Teaching Ideas by Education4u  $0.99 iPhone, iTouch

There 40 short ideas for lessons. It seems a bit poorly put together and the ideas aren’t very well explained.

iLessonPlans (Secondary) by Nahal Ameri $0.99  iPhone, iTouch

This has a lot of lesson plan ideas arranged by subject. The subjects are limited, as are the number of ideas but it is excellent value.

100 PE Games For Teachers by The Pegeekapps $1.99 iPhone, iTouch

This is a great lesson planning app for PE Games. It has a hundred of them.

Teach Quick by TeachQuick $0.99 iPhone

Teach Quick provides over 200 lesson starter and lesson plenary ideas to help you plan exciting, original and thought provoking lessons to keep students engaged and learning.Compiled by outstanding teachers and complete with examples, they can used with all subjects and are suitable to both Primary (Elementary) and Secondary (High School) lessons. It also has: Shake to shuffle to find new ideas and VAK categorised (Visual, Audio or Kinisthetic learning). See also, Teach Quick Lite by TeachQuick Free iPhone.

It is all-in-one-place resource with 24-hour access to hundreds of instructional strategies and is useful for students with special needs. The instructional strategies and split into domains of: reading, writing, listening and speaking. The instructional strategies use a Three-Phase Lesson Design. They are designed using the Gradual Release of Responsibility model (“I do”, “We do”, “You do Together”, and “You do Alone“). Their moto is: Be good to our planet! Go paperless by using this application. See also, Instructional Strategies Lite by iCheckForUnderstanding Free iPhone.

This is free to download, though sign up is required and some features switch off after a one week trial. You can choose from common section headings including Title, Duration, Overview, Curriculum, Previous Knowledge, Learning Outcomes, Resources, Activity Starter, Activity Main, Activity Plenary, Differentiation Support, Differentiation Extension, Assessment, Homework, TA Notes, Teacher Notes, Additional Notes, Risk Assessment, Acknowledgements & Copyright Info. Tag lesson plans against UK, US and Australian Curricula. View a Curriculum Report showing your strengths and gaps.

iPad Only Lesson Planning Apps

Paperless Teacher by Okproapps $9.99 iPad,
This is an excellently reviewed teaching planner that allows teachers at all levels of education to reduce their paperwork burden while increasing their speed and productivity.  With it you can get rid of you lesson planner and rubric sheets.
Be sure to also check out Paperless Teacher Lite which is free.

iLesson Plans by Storm Soft  $0.99  iPad

Provides a template of the key parts of a lesson. You can then go through and add you lesson details. The template can be exported as a pdf, word document, uploaded to dropbox, itunes or sent as an email.

My Lesson Plan by ZappityApps  $2.99 iPad

A lesson planning template which you can customise.

Lesson Plans by Front9Technologies  $4.99 iPad

Type in your lesson plans on your iPad.

Lesson-Planner by Edutect  $4.99 iPad

Is more like a blank template as opposed to providing ideas. Once you enter your plan you can export to word or as a pdf.

Teachers-Attache by Sakunlabs  $4.99 iPad

Is a nice looking calendar where you can put your lessons and also add students, grades and attendance.

Teachers Planner by Originator Designs  $6.99 iPad

Basic diary in which you can type lesson ideas.

I, Friday by AlienOgre  $9.99 iPad

This is part of suit of apps that let you create and read your lesson plans on your Mac, iPad and iPhone.

PlanBook by Hellmansoft  $9.99 iPad

Is a lesson schedule that let’s you input all of you lesson and attach a plan (which you write). It’s kind of like a calendar. There is also a version for Mac:

Teachers App Box by VocationApps  $11.99 iPad

This apparently has everything that a teacher needs. If only it had some compliments the teacher and then we could be happy….

Teachers Planner by Originator, $6.99, iPad Only
Suitable for all teaching professionals, whether you are working a 5 or 7 day week with extra curricular activities. It lets you assign class, fill out a template and email a full day’s plans plus homework.
iLessonReady by Studer Group, $1.99, iPad Only
iLessonReady is easy to use,  anytime, anywhere planning tool, aligned to research-based practices. The only tool to unpack Common Core Standards into meaningful 30 Day Learning Goals.

New Lesson Planning Apps

Here are some of the newest released lesson planning apps:
Lesson Planner by Selena Woodward, $1.99, iPhone, iPad
Lesson Planner has 50, tried and tested creative ideas to enhance learning and teaching. It uses an “Accelerated Learning Cycle” with 4 parts, they are: • Connect: Make learning personal.• Activate: Help students familiarise themselves with key information. • Demonstrate: Give students opportunities to show understanding. • Consolidate:  Reflect on what has been learnt and how.
MyPlanCCLS by Andre Marshall, $1.99, iPhone, iPad
MyPlanCCLS minimises your planning time and maximises the efficiency of your planning. It enables you to write, edit, save to iCloud, email, print and share lesson plans with co-teachers, friends and administrators.
Learning Event Generator by DavittMedia, $0.99, iPhone, iPad
Learning Event Generator has over120,000 lesson ideas & learning challenges that provoke thought, activity and deeper understanding. There is subject selection for 10 curriculum areas including English,Math & Science.
Designed with Emergency and Supply Teachers in mind. Teacher Rescue gives you lessons for every subject, every primary grade, instantly. There is no need for; lengthy preparation, most lessons take 0-2 mins to set-up!, materials that aren’t found in every classroom! worksheets, so nothing to photocopy! internet access needed!
All lessons are tried, tested by teachers. It’s great for:Emergency, Relief, Casual, Supply Teachers, Classroom Teachers, Specialist Teachers, Graduates, Student Teachers, Home-school Teachers andParents
Teacher Plans helps teachers to develop a constructivist, student-centered lesson plan. It has comprehensive information and samples for each lesson plan component, it addresses each of the components of a lesson plan. Including; focus, sponge, goals, objectives, rationale, connections, teaching strategies, methods, assessment, and closure. With a “tap” on the screen teachers are able to select objectives, assessment ideas, materials lists and much more as they create a lesson plan for all subjects, grades K-12. You can store, view and email .docx versions of the lesson plans you make. As long as the crashing problems can be fixed this will be a good app to have.

Blooms Taxonomy by Maggie Fossum, $0.99 iPhone, iPad

Allegedly the best planning resource and reference tool for teachers. It gives a list of lesson activities, question stems, and action verbs for each of Blooms cognitive levels (Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, Analysis, Synthesis and Evaluation). Tailored around the Common Core, the Blooms Taxonomy app has been made by a teacher for teachers. With it you can take your students to higher levels of thinking without extra planning time on your part.
CFU’s and Q’s by Maggie Fossum, $0.99 iPhone, iPad
With CFU you are able to maximize student output by asking the right questions. Scaffolded, open-ended, and aligned to the new Common Core, this app features a list of questions for building assessments, checking for understanding, cognitive closure, and differentiating. Unfortunatley the questions can’t be copied. It was built by a teacher for teachers, you’ll find questions for Maths, English, Science, Music, Art, Physical Education, and Foreign Languages. It might give you some ideas and could save yourself some time when planning a lesson.

GoClass by LearningMate Solutions, Inc., iPhone and iPad, free to try

GoClass is a cloud based teaching and learning tool for mobiles and tablets in the classroom. It uses a lesson plan metaphor to arrange images, videos, assessments, teacher notes, documents and URLs into a structured sequence. Teachers with the App on their iPads can share with a class by broadcasting to student devices or projecting them onto a standard LCD projector or large screen TV. GoClass treats the projector and the student device as two independent channels for sharing content and you have complete control over what is rendered on each channel. Classroom management features can be used to inform you about student attention and engagement and assessments can provide immediate feedback on student performance. It requires a ’GoClass Instructor Account’.

Lesson Planning Templates

Google Docs has a good selection of lesson planning templates.

Microsoft have a great set of lesson planning documents.

LessonPlans4Teachers has a huge selection of lesson plan templates.

HaveFunTeaching also has a big choice of lesson plans by subject.

If you are not looking for a document but just to be able to print or copy and then paste into a document then it’s worth taking a look at VQplan.com which is a new Web Based Lesson Planning App.

Web Based Lesson Planning Apps

One of the big advantages of the internet is the ability to plan using websites and there is a new trend of web based lesson planning apps, it’s worth mentioning. Have a look at the web based lesson planning apps page to find out more.

Your Thoughts On Lesson Planning Apps

Have you used any of these lesson planning apps? What has been your experience. Are there any amazing lesson planning apps that we missed? Use the Reply below to share you lesson planning apps thoughts.

Lesson Planning Apps Websites

Finally you might want to check out these lesson planning apps websites:

ZappiumFindAppsLikeTeaching Apps Websites and A Collection Of Teaching Apps

Tips For Finding Lesson Planning Apps On iTunes

You’ll find that lesson planning apps are not always easy to find with the search function in iTunes. Use a variety of search terms “lessons teaching”, “lesson plans” and “lesson planner” and “teacher planning” will all give slightly different results.

Recommended Lesson Planning App TeacherPlan

"Teacher Plan","Lesson Planning"TeacherPlan, is the only lesson planning app to be based on the essential qualities of a good lesson planning app.


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